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London Councils- Greater London Employment Forum


The Employers’ side of the Greater London Employment Forum acts as the regional employer for London for those staff employed under the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, for all the boroughs which choose to be party to it. The full GLEF is made up of employers and trade union representatives.




The GLEF may consider and debate any employment, development, efficiency, performance and improvement related matter affecting the employees of the London authorities which could include:


-            pay and conditions of employment including equal pay and the achievement of single status employment;

-            measures to improve recruitment and retention;

-            productivity and performance management;

-            measures to improve efficiency, effectiveness and value for money;

-            measures to increase the skills and capacity of the workforce;

-            equality and diversity in the workplace;




Contact information

Derek Gadd

London Councils
59 1/2 Southwark Street

Phone: 020 7934 9999

Website: http://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk

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Council contact information

Jacqui Barr

01708 432439

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