Officer decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
Crowdfunding for Covid-19 08/04/2020
Approval to deliver a range of emergency economic development services in relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic and its impact on the Havering Economy 06/04/2020
Resilience of Children's Centres and MyPlace Youth and Community Centre during COVID-19 Pandemic 06/04/2020
Impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on Education and Childcare and Business Continuity Planning 03/04/2020
Procurement of a case management system for Covid-19 support cases 03/04/2020
Consultation on the introduction of a community toilet scheme 03/04/2020
Approval to temporarily close Corbets Tey Public Toilets during the Government imposed Covid-19 related lockdown 03/04/2020
Request to temporarily close Yew Tree Day Service and the Avelon Road Centre 02/04/2020
Temporary Closure of Public Buildings due to Corona Virus, Libraries, Music School, Arts and Sports Centres 02/04/2020
Award of a Contract to Inoapps for Training Support as part of the Fusion Project 02/04/2020
Changes to the Council's Complaints Policy and Procedure s a result of the Covid-19 Crisis 01/04/2020
Microsoft Enterprise Licensing Renewal 01/04/2020
Approval for carry over of funding agreed by Cabinet under the MOPAC Partnership Plus scheme for s92 Police Team into financial year 2022/23 31/03/2020
Financial Support for Havering Volunteer Centre 30/03/2020