Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Replacement of 32 vehicles for Grounds Maintenance and 4 for Bereavement Services01/12/2023For DeterminationNot before 01/01/2024
Implementation of the National Wraparound Childcare Programme30/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 30/12/2023
Award of Contract for Cashless Parking (RingGo)30/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 31/01/2024
Settlement of a Rainham & Beam Park Compulsory Purchase Order No.1 Compensation Claim22/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 22/12/2023
Annual Fostering report 2022-2320/11/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Permission to Bid for the latest GLA Housing Acquisitions Programme20/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 20/12/2023
Children's Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Short Breaks17/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Children's Social Care- Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Family Support17/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Children's Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Supported Accommodation17/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Children's Social Care- Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Children's Homes17/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Children's Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Independent Foster Agencies17/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
High rise block lift replacements16/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 01/02/2024
Mortuary Storage Contract15/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/04/2024
Award of Street Furniture Advertising Contract10/11/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Supported Living02/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Nursing Care02/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Residential Care02/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Commissioned Live in Care01/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Homecare01/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Direct Payments01/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Specialist Day Services01/11/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/03/2024
Approval of Transport Policy31/10/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Application to the Secretary of State to amend the Parks Bylaws31/10/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Land having frontage to North Street (aka Billet Lane Car Park) Lease Renewal24/10/2023For DeterminationNot before 14/12/2023
Care Home and Supported Living Yearly Uplift 2024/2025 - Direct Payments18/10/2023For DeterminationNot before 31/03/2024
Home To School Transport Policy18/10/2023For Determination10/01/2024
De commission of the Autism Hub (Peer Support and Social Inclusion Contract)11/10/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Proposed De-Designation and Closure of Chippenham Road Children's Centre05/10/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Adult Social Care Yearly Uplift 2024-25 - Adult Social care Contracts04/10/2023For Determination21/03/2024
Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy Revision25/09/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Proposed engagement of Mercury Land Holdings to undertake further development potential work on Council-owned land22/09/2023Item DeferredNot before 09/11/2023
Oracle Fusion Contract Renewal21/09/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System for children's care placements20/09/2023For DeterminationNot before 29/12/2023
Contract Award -Havering Reablement Service19/09/2023For Determination10/01/2024
oneSource ICT Split Transition15/09/2023For Determination13/03/2024
HRA Business Plan 2024-2515/09/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Sheltered Housing Lift Project31/08/2023For Determination11/01/2024
Stopping Collection of Water Rates30/08/2023For DeterminationNot before 28/12/2023
Starting Well plan (Children's Plan) 2023-2611/08/2023For Determination10/01/2024
Serious Violence Duty Strategy03/08/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Compliance Contracts Procurement12/07/2023For Determination01/05/2024
Approval to award a contract for delivery of Electrical Services to HRA homes and communal areas12/07/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Large Complex Works and Street Retrofit12/07/2023For Determination10/04/2024
Award of Heating Maintenance and Replacement Contract12/07/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Approval to extend the existing Procurement Across London (PAL) framework and call- off supplier contract for the provision of Catering Disposables until 31 December 202303/07/2023Item DeferredNot before 23/11/2023
Procurement of Digital Telecare Equipment28/06/2023For DeterminationNot before 07/12/2023
Award of Construction Contract for the Family Welcome Centre20/06/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Award of CCTV contract25/05/2023For DeterminationNot before 08/02/2024
2024/25 Budget and 2024-2028 Medium Term Financial Strategy02/05/2023For Determination07/02/2024
ASC Market Position Statement11/04/2023For Determination13/03/2024
Bridge Close Regeneration LLP - In-Year Review of 2024/25 Business Plan14/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Havering Wates Regeneration LLP - In-Year Review of 2024/25 Business Plan14/02/2023For Determination07/02/2024
Wired and wireless remediation contract award08/02/2023For DeterminationNot before 16/03/2023
Havering Combating Drugs Strategy (Version 1)07/11/2022Item Deferred11/01/2023
Installation of Electric Vehicle Chargers in 80 Lamp Columns30/08/2022For DeterminationNot before 17/11/2022
Release of Funding to Bridge Close Regeneration LLP to Enable Acquisition of Relocation Property26/08/2022For DeterminationNot before 11/01/2024
Moving Traffic Conventions (MTCs) Phase 219/07/2022Item Deferred05/10/2022
Approval to commence procurement process for PAL framework Fresh Fruit and Vegetables06/05/2022For DeterminationNot before 01/09/2022
HES Catering - Procurement of Online Cashless and Kitchen Management Software Systems21/04/2022For DeterminationNot before 30/06/2022
Decisions Relating to Thames Freeport23/02/2022For DeterminationNot before 13/10/2022
13 Bridge Close, Romford, RM7 0AU - release of funding to enable acquisition by Bridge Close Regeneration LLP03/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 28/12/2023
Award of Contract for the Housing Repairs and Voids15/11/2021For Determination15/12/2021
Award of Contract for Enforcement System for Penalty Charge Notice Issue29/10/2021For Determination06/01/2022
Havering Climate Change Action Plan23/09/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Beam Parkway Scheme Update: the Way Forward.03/09/2021UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 30/09/2021
Sale of Land Pitch and Putt,Hall Lane Upminster18/08/2021For DeterminationNot before 30/09/2021
Social Value Strategy09/08/2021For Determination13/03/2024
Approval of terms for the Acquisition and Disposal of St Bernard's Day Centre, Peel Way, Harold Wood Romford RM3 0PD10/08/2021For DeterminationNot before 30/09/2021
Under utilised Council back offices to be declared surplus22/07/2021For Determination15/09/2021
Award of Pathway to Independence, Heather Court Contract18/06/2021For DeterminationNot before 13/01/2022
Extension of Highway Trees Contract15/12/2020For DeterminationNot before 04/02/2021
Extension of Void and Repairs contracts23/11/2020For DeterminationNot before 04/02/2021
Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019-202012/11/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Rainham & Beam Park Regeneration - Business Plan 2021/2212/11/2020For Determination12/05/2021
Parking CPZ Consultation Outcome Report12/11/2020For DeterminationNot before 11/02/2021
Decision to begin a consultation in respect of Havering's Street Trading Policy12/11/2020For Determination17/03/2021
Update on the 21/22 Council Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy28/09/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Approval of Phase Viability Plan (PVP) Residual land11/08/2020For Determination22/10/2020
Bretons Phase II Masterplan08/07/2020For Determination11/11/2020
Schools PSPO Enforcement17/03/2020For Determination06/05/2020
Mercury House Refurbishment - Award of contract for supply of Office Furniture for the Smart Ways of Working Programme.17/03/2020For DeterminationNot before 04/06/2020
Agreement to consult on Local Plan main modifications, make minor alterations and send formal response back to planning inspector20/02/2020For Determination08/04/2020
Agreement of Aims and Objectives of East London Joint Resources and Waste Strategy20/02/2020For Determination25/11/2020
Moving Traffic Contraventions (MTC) relocation of Enforcement Cameras03/01/2020For DeterminationNot before 03/09/2020
Proposed Express Parking Bays for Hornchurch and Upminster03/01/2020For DeterminationNot before 03/09/2020
Highways Weed Spraying Contract11/12/2019For DeterminationNot before 31/01/2020
Replacement of Windows and Ancillary works at Dryden and Kipling Towers, Heaton Avenue RM325/11/2019For DeterminationNot before 13/01/2020
Energy contract awards25/11/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Virement of unused capital funding to unallocated for School Expansion Programme15/11/2019For Determination15/01/2020
Parks Strategy 2022 to 203216/09/2019Item Deferred09/08/2023
Bridge Close Regeneration - making of the Compulsory Purchase Order16/09/2019Item DeferredNot before 06/06/2022
Havering and Wates Regeneration LLP Business Plan and Budget 2020 - 2021.16/09/2019For Determination13/11/2019
Forward Funding for the Napier and New Plymouth Development16/09/2019For DeterminationNot before 28/10/2019
Delegation of Approval of Formal Council Responses through the Development Consent Order (DCO) Process13/08/2019For DeterminationNot before 17/10/2019
Social Value Strategy13/08/2019For Determination18/09/2019
Transforming Post and Print Services - Award of contract13/08/2019For DeterminationNot before 02/01/2020
Uplift for learning disabilites social care providers08/05/2019For DeterminationNot before 04/07/2019
Award of Contract for the Monitoring, Maintenance and Repairs to Water Systems in Buildings29/03/2019For DeterminationNot before 01/07/2019
Mental Health Section 75 Agreement between LBH and NELFT07/03/2019For DeterminationNot before 07/11/2019
Planning Performance Agreement Fees07/03/2019For DeterminationNot before 11/04/2019
Deed of variation of the partnering agreement pursuant to Section 75 of the National Health Service Act 2006 to deliver a Joint Assessment and Discharge Integrated Service12/02/2019For DeterminationNot before 07/11/2019
Making of the Compulsory Purchase Order - Napier and New Plymouth House12/02/2019For Determination07/08/2019
Making of the Compulsory Purchase Order - Waterloo Estate12/02/2019Item Deferred18/09/2019
Treasury management Strategy Statement, Prudential Indicators and Minimum Revenue Provision Statement for 2019/2002/01/2019For Determination06/02/2019
Making of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) - Napier and New Plymouth House02/01/2019For Determination07/08/2019
Bid to the Greater London Authority for a funding programme under the 'Building Council Homes for Londoners' Programme.04/09/2018For Determination10/10/2018
Supported Housing Programme - Approval for the Development of Three New Build Schemes04/09/2018For Determination13/11/2018
Permission to proceed to procurement for the provision of 35 residential placements for looked after Children (LAC) across 8 Northeast London Authorities,04/09/2018For Determination10/10/2018
Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) Banding04/09/2018For DeterminationNot before 11/10/2018
12 HRA Site Regeneration - Making of the CPO04/09/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Rainham and Beam Park, Land Acquisition Strategy, making of CPO(s)15/08/2018For Determination10/10/2018
Rainham and Beam Park Regeneration LLP - Equity Allocation 2018/1915/08/2018For Determination28/11/2018
Personal Budget Policy with Guidance for Parents, and Direct Payments Policy.20/06/2018For Determination10/10/2018
Housing Succession Policy04/07/2018For Determination13/11/2018
Havering Adult College sub-contracting DPS04/07/2018For DeterminationNot before 16/08/2018
Bridge Close - authority to secure funding from the Affordable Housing Grant Programme 2016 - 2021.08/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 15/11/2018
Havering Economic Development Strategy08/05/2018For Determination13/11/2018
Publication and adoption of the London Borough of Havering's Air Quality Action Plan02/02/2018For Determination13/06/2018
Restrictions on Alcohol Consumption in Romford Town Centre12/09/2017For Determination20/09/2017
Community Cohesion Strategy07/09/2017For Determination10/10/2018
Restrictions on Alcohol Consumption in Romford Town Centre03/08/2017For Determination20/09/2017
James Oglethorpe School - Authority to award a negotiated contract for the construction of new nursery and further internal refurbishments to existing school to complete the expansion to two forms of entry.05/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 10/01/2019
Dame Tipping School - Proposed demolition and removal of two dilapidated classrooms and replacement in modular construction05/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 10/01/2019
Green Infrastructure Strategy07/06/2017Item Deferred11/10/2017
Construction of new nursery at Towers Infant School20/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 10/01/2019
Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone - Appointment of a Joint Venture Development Partner.22/02/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Proposed Land Acquisition in Hornchurch07/02/2017Item Deferred15/11/2017
Frances Bardsley Academy. Authority to enter in to a contract for the construction of single storey building for Medical A P14/10/2016For Determination01/2017
Broadford Primary School. Authority to enter in to a contract for the construction of double storey building for a 1FE expansion14/10/2016For Determination01/2017
Crownfield Infants School. Authority to enter in to a contract for the construction of single storey building for a 1FE expansion14/10/2016For Determination01/2017
Crownfield Nursery. Award of contract for the construction of single storey building for a 1FE expansion14/10/2016For Determination01/2017
Towers Nursery. Award of contract for the construction of single storey building14/10/2016For DeterminationNot before 19/01/2017
Extension of the scope of the Development Services Agreement with Network Rail for the completion of the Beam Park GRIP+ process.11/10/2016For DeterminationNot before 15/12/2016
Award of LGfl contract13/07/2016UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 15/12/2016
Implementation of proposals to create Additionally Resourced Provision at Clockhouse Primary School, Hall Mead and Redden Court Secondary Schools08/06/2016For DeterminationNot before 08/07/2016
Pre-contract award for works associated with delivery of TfL Crossrail Complementary Measures investment at Harold Wood Station02/06/2016For DeterminationNot before 02/07/2016
Loan to Mercury Land Holdings for the acquisition of an intended market rental scheme.21/03/2016For DeterminationNot before 21/04/2016
Award of contract for Napier and New Plymouth Winter Gardens and Associated Works10/10/2014For DeterminationNot before 10/11/2014
Internal Communal Decorations in Various Blocks - 2014/15 Capital Programme09/10/2014For DeterminationNot before 09/11/2014
External Decoration to Various Properties 2014/15 Capital Programme04/09/2014For DeterminationNot before 17/10/2014
Section 75 Partnership Agreement for Mental Health Services26/10/2015For DeterminationNot before 01/03/2016
Award of contract for the provision of Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme services21/10/2015For DeterminationNot before 21/11/2015
Extension of two contracts for gas servicing, maintenance and installation and one contract for electrical services in Council housing for a period of one year16/09/2015For DeterminationNot before 16/10/2015
Pre Tender Report - Dewsbury24/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 24/05/2015
A policy outlining subsistence rates for families with No Recourse to Public Funding (NRPF) in the London Borough of Havering20/01/2015For DeterminationNot before 20/02/2015
Authorisation to enter into a building contract for the expansion of Parsonage Farm Primary School.08/12/2014For DeterminationNot before 08/01/2015
Authorisation to enter into contract for the expansion of Crowlands Primary School09/07/2014For DeterminationNot before 09/08/2014
Romford Major Scheme- Approval of Scheme Design18/02/2013For DeterminationNot before 01/04/2013