Issue - decisions

Future CCTV Provision in Havering

08/03/2023 - CCTV Options for the Borough



1.     Agreed the commencement of phase one of the CCTV Upgrade programme, which includes the creation of a new CCTV Control Room and Server Room environment

2.     Agreed the relocation from Mercury House to the second floor of Romford Library as part of this upgrade

3.     Agreed to replace the old existing Public Town Centre Space CCTV cameras in Romford and the other Town Centres where applicable.

4.     Noted that this upgrade is expected to take between 12-18 months.

5.     To link this upgrade to Romford Town Centre SIP project where possible.

6.     Noted that the subsequent two phases will be subject to future Cabinet Consideration and costings and consider the options raised above.

7.     Agreed the £5m Capital monies are available for the three phases.