Issue - decisions

Virtual Permits

18/02/2021 - Virtual Permits

Cabinet agreed:

1.    To implement Chipside’s virtual permit (MiPermit) solution for new permit applications for all types listed below from May 2021.  

·       Business

·       Carer

·       Car park season tickets

·       Critical duty

·       Havering clinical commissioning group

·       Havering hero

·       Health and homecare

·       Members

·       Parking waiver

·       Resident

·       Staff car park season tickets

·       School streets exemption

·       Voucher

2.    To migrate all existing permit holders to the MiPermit solution from their date of expiry after May 2021;

3.    To offer a virtual visitor permit option from May 2021 to run concurrently with paper visitor scratch cards.

4.    To transfer the responsibility for answering all calls relating to parking permits handled by the Contact Centre and other Havering services to Chipside’s MiPermit helpline.