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People Strategy

14/11/2019 - People Strategy




1.    Approved additional revenue budget of £544,400, to run the overarching People & Organisation Transformation Programme for two years, on the assumption of an ‘invest to save’ approach. Investment will provide the People Strategy and eight projects that are the building blocks to the success of the People Strategy: Values and Behaviours; Organisational Preparedness; Havering Together with Staff; Leadership; Apprenticeship Framework; Workforce Planning; Talent & Succession - and Reward & Recognition. 



2.    Approved an ongoing investment of £169,000 per annum to enable the creation of a new OneSource Talent Hub, which will draw on the Apprenticeship Levy to bring new talent into the council and upskill existing employees, noting that this is the maximum investment required.



3.    Approved £250,000 Revenue Budget to provide targeted assessment of the current resource; a comprehensive programme of leadership and senior management development, which will support sustained transformation and performance improvement across the Council. Where possible, activity will be provided all or in part by the Apprenticeship Levy, to reduce the overall cost of this activity.