Issue - decisions

2019/20 Capital Strategy & Programme

14/02/2019 - 2019/20 Capital Strategy & Programme



1.              Approved the capital strategy contained within this report noting its impact on both the capital programme and overall contribution to the setting of the revenue budget for 2019/20 and beyond


2.              Will Recommend to Council for consideration and approval the 2019/20 and ongoing Capital Programme (subject to business cases for the regeneration schemes being approved in line with the governance process)


3.              Agreed that the Chief Financial Officer be authorised to allocate funding from the Capital Contingency included within the draft Capital Programme.


4.              Approved the use of capital receipts to fund the revenue costs of two eligible proposals – the Oracle and CRM system transformations – under the MHCLG Guidance on the Flexible Use of Capital Receipts.


5.              Agreed that externally funded schemes can be added to the capital programme up to £500k as and when funding is confirmed. Any external funding over £500k will be subject to approval by the Chief Financial (s151) Officer.


6.              Agreed that the relevant Cabinet Member, together with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Property be delegated authority to commence tender processes and accept tenders for capital schemes included within the approved programme under the block programme allocations or delegation arrangements set out in this report.



7.              Noted the capital prudential indicators included within the capital strategy when approving the capital programme to ensure affordability.