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The Sub-Committee received information on performance against indicators during Quarter One (April - June 2019).


The following statistics were highlighted to the Sub-Committee:


1.    Response time to Immediate (I) and Significant (S) Grade Incidents


The Sub-Committee noted that the Police had a target response time to reach 90% of “Immediate” (I) graded calls within 15 minutes of the call being made and for “Significant” (S) grade calls to reach 90% within one hour of the call being made.


It was stated that data from the Police was no longer available as a percentage figure for each month; however the data was now provided as a rolling average for I and S grades of calls met within target times, domestic abuse (DA) calls in each of these grading.




There had been an improvement in the number of I calls reaching the target time compared to Quarter 4 with a rate of 82.7% in comparison to 82.1%.  It was stated that this was slightly below the overall BCU average of 85.11%.


For the same period, Havering DA I grade calls have seen an increase in the number of calls reaching targets with a rate of 84.6% compared to the 82.8% reported for the same period last quarter. It was stated that the overall BCU average was 83.9%.




The report outlined that 80.5% of local S grades were met within an hour compared to 80.8% last quarter. It was noted that this was above the BCU average of 75.72%.


Domestic Abuse S grades showed a figure of 80.0% locally compared to 78.5% for the period last quarter. It was indicated that this percentage was above the BCU average of 76.52%.



2.    Violence


The report informed the Sub-Committee noted that the level of Domestic Abuse and level on Non-Domestic Abuse violence with injury experienced within Havering in Quarter 1 of 2019-20 had reduced.  Domestic Abuse had reduced by 2% and Non Domestic Violence with Injury reduced by 15% compared to the same time period in 2018-19.




It was stated that the Council approved the Violence against Women and Girls Strategy and the Serious Group Violence and Knife Crime Strategy in Quarter 1 of 2019-20


3.    Burglary


There had been an increase in burglary business and community of 120% during Quarter 1 of 2019-20 compared to the same time period in 2018-19. This was  attributed to improved reporting of incidents to the Police. It was stated that Havering had experienced an increase of 4% in residential burglary during the period.


The Sub-Committee noted that the council continues to support the Police in providing crime prevention advice to residents and businesses in Havering through the use of e-newsletters, twitter, Facebook and Living in Havering.

It was stated that majority of residential burglaries continue to be through unlocked doors and windows.


4.    Anti-Social Behaviour


Anti-Social Behaviour reported to the Police continues to fall within Havering.

The report showed a reduction of 9% in Quarter 1 of 2019-20 in comparison to Quarter 1 2018 -19. The Council continues to work closely with the police to tackle ASB through the Monthly Tasking Enforcement group and provide support to frequent callers and victims of ASB via the monthly Community MARAC.


The Sub-Committee noted the report.





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