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Councillor Osman Dervish, Cabinet member for Regulatory Services and Community Safety, introduced the report


Cabinet was informed that the report before it contained the findings and recommendations which had emerged after the Topic Group had scrutinised the subject selected by the Sub-Committee in July 2014 concerning private sector landlords and houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).


It was explained to Members that this was an area which was of growing concern as more people moved from inner to outer London.  Additional housing pressures – provided by an increase in migration into the borough (a phenomenon shared by local authorities across the country) meant that councils were having to take more direct action to ensure that their housing stock was properly managed.


This had not been apparent in Havering until relatively recently, but as the demography of the borough was now changing, the Council had to be proactively engaged in the process to ensure landlords were properly regulated and tenants protected.


Reasons for the Decision


Under the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, s. 122, Cabinet was required to consider and respond to a report of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee within two months of its agreement by that Committee or at the earliest available opportunity.  In this case, Cabinet was required to do this by its meeting on 5 October 2015.  Cabinet was also required to give reasons for its decisions in relation to the report, particularly in instances where it decided not to adopt one or more of the recommendations contained within it.


Other options considered:


There were no alternative options.


Cabinet agreed to:


1.            Introduce a Selective Licencing Scheme in the Wards of Brooklands, Gooshays and Heaton, subject to consultation and development of a cost neutral business case.


2.            Introduce a Selective Licencing Scheme covering the rest of the borough or other specific identified wards subject to consultation, development of a cost neutral business case and the Secretary of State’s Approval


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