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Information about Overview & Scrutiny Board


The Overview and Scrutiny Board acts as a vehicle by which the effectiveness of scrutiny is monitored and where work undertaken by themed sub-committees can be coordinated to avoid duplication and to ensure that areas of priority are being reviewed. The Board also scrutinises general management matters relating to the Council and further details are given in the terms of reference below. The Overview and Scrutiny Board has oversight of performance information submitted to the Council’s executive and also leads on scrutiny of the Council budget and associated information. All requisitions or ‘call-ins’ of executive decisions by Councillors are dealt with by the Board.

The Board’s focus is strategic and policy-orientated which means that it isn’t the place to consider individual complaints or concerns.

Specific areas that the Board is tasked with scrutinising include, but are not exclusive to:

·         Strategy and Commissioning

·         Partnerships with Business

·         Customer Access

·         E-government and ICT

·         Finance

·         Human Resources

·         Asset Management

·         Property Resources

·         Facilities Management

·         Communications

·         Democratic Services

·         Social inclusion

·         Councillor Call for Action

The Board is keen to hear of any matters that residents feel could be examined by scrutiny. If you would like scrutiny to consider any area please let us know using the form on our main website, if it is something the Board can help with we will let you know.