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Adjudication & Review Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022)

This page lists the meetings for Adjudication & Review Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022).


Information about Adjudication & Review Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022)

The main purpose of the Adjudication and Review Committee is to oversee the Council's Corporate Complaints procedure and provide Hearings Panels for those complaints which reach Level 3 (Appeals to elected Members). The Committee also monitors the activity of the Council in dealing with investigations brought by the Ombudsman (usually the Local Government Ombudsman, but also – recently – the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman).

This Committee also has the responsibility of overseeing the appointment and development of "Independent Persons"; these are (usually) local people who volunteer to sit on various appeals panels, most notably school appeals, but also Adult Social Services and appeals under the Children Act Rules (both of which are statutory processes and from which Councillors are barred).