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Towns & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Sub- Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022)

This page lists the meetings for Towns & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Sub- Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022).


Information about Towns & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Sub- Committee (decommissioned 13th June 2022)

The Towns & Communities Overview and Scrutiny Sub Committee undertakes the Council’s scrutiny function with regard to planning, licensing and cultural activities undertaken and supported by Council services. In general, the Committee is able to look at any issue involving the borough’s town centres, museums, heritage and housing.


The Committee’s focus is strategic and policy-orientated, which means that it isn’t the place to consider individual complaints or concerns. However, the Committee does look at how social housing, leisure and the economic health of the borough is supported by the Council. It can question Cabinet members, officers and other organisations to ensure that the borough is a cohesive and prosperous place to live for all.


Specific areas that the Committee is tasked with scrutinising include but are not exclusive to: 


·         Regulatory Services

·         Planning & Building Control

·         Town centre strategy

·         Licensing

·         Leisure, art, culture

·         Housing Retained Services

·         Social and economic regeneration

·         Parks

·         Social inclusion

·         Scrutiny of relevant aspects of the LAA

·         Councillor Call for Action




The Committee is keen to hear of any matters that residents feel could be examined by scrutiny. If you would like scrutiny to consider any area please let us know using the form on our main website, if it is something the Committee can help with we will let you know.


Topic Groups


Occasionally, the Committee will deem that some issues require an in-depth investigation. The Committee will then form what are called ‘topic groups’, formed of a smaller number of councillors to meet with residents, service providers, outside experts and professionals to explore how services work and consider ways of improving them.


In the past, the Committee has undertaken topic groups on a range of matters, some of which are listed below:


·         Living Ambitions


·         Planning Enforcement