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Health & Wellbeing Board - Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 1.00 pm

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The Chairman will announce details of the arrangements in case of fire or other events that might require the meeting room or building’s evacuation.


The Chairman gave details of the arrangements in case of fire or other event that may require the evacuation of the meeting room or building.


The Chairman advised that he had agreed to amend the order of the agenda, to take Item No. 8 before Item No. 4.



(If any) – receive.



Apologies were received from:


Andrew Blake Herbert, Chief Executive, London Borough of Havering

Jacqui Van Rossum, North East London Foundation Trust

Dr Atul Aggarwal, Chair, Havering Clinical Commissioning Group

Councillor Damian White, London Borough of Havering




Members are invited to disclose any interest in any of the items on the agenda at this point of the meeting.


Members may still disclose any interest in any item at any time prior to the consideration of the matter.


There were no declarations of interest made in any items on the agenda.



To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Board held on 11 July 2018 and to authorise the Chairman to sign them, and to consider the Action Log and Indicator Set (attached).

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on the 11 July 2018 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. 


The following items were noted in respect of the action log:


17.27 – In terms of safeguarding, members had requested that the exempt document containing data on incidents on cases referred to courts be circulated to Board.  Clarification on the action was being sought.


18.1 – A report on Referral To Treatment performance would be provided on a regular basis.


18.2 -  16 of the 18 secondary schools in Havering operated a closed gate policy.  Confirmation from the remaining two secondary schools was outstanding.


18.4 – A report identifying opportunities to prevent sight loss to complement the report by Healthwatch about quality of care post diagnosis had been added to the forward plan.


18.5 – NHS England had confirmed that they had a development plan for the shingles vaccination and this would be presented to the Health Protection Forum and subsequently to the Board.


18.6 – Information detailing what was on offer for paediatrics across the borough had been circulated to members.


18.6 – The outcome of the community urgent care consultation – ‘Right care, right place, first time’ consultation would be presented at a future meeting and had been added to the forward plan.


Members received the Health and Wellbeing Board indicator set which provided an overview of the health of residents and the quality of care services available to them. 




Report attached.

Additional documents:


The Board received The Healthwatch Havering Annual Report which provided a summary of the work of Healtwatch Havering over the last year.  The Chairman of Healthwatch Havering explained that although they co-ordinated with neighbouring Healthwatch organisations, their priorities differed.  The Chairman recognised the challenges faced by Barking, Havering and Redbridge University NHS Trust and their cooperation to converse openly and share information with Healthwatch.




That the report, be noted.



Report attached.

Additional documents:


The Board received the draft Health Improvement Pan, which provided an illustration of health improvement activities undertaken by the Public Health Service in collaboration with other Council services and in partnership with a range of organisations.


The draft report was presented to the Board as it might assist in discussions regarding the approach/priorities for the new strategy. 


The Board agreed that the item be carried forward to the next meeting and in the meantime, for any comments to be fed back.



Report attached.

Additional documents:


In July 2018, the Board received a report which highlighted the outcomes of the Local Area Inspection of support for children with Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND) which took place between the 26 February and 2 March 2018.   The Board received a refreshed the local area’s first comprehensive SEND strategy, which addressed the findings of the recent Ofsted / CQC inspection and stated the local authority’s ambition to build local provision to meet growing SEND demand.


During discussion, monitoring of the exclusion of pupils with special educational needs nationally was raised.  The number of excluded pupils with SEND in Havering was below the national average and was not an area of concern identified during the inspection. Members suggested that reference in the strategy be made to inclusion, the Fair Access Protocol and monitoring. 


Funding was the overall driver for the high needs review, and despite receiving an additional £1m funding the previous as a result of the newly introduced funding formula, the high needs block was already overspent.


There was a focus on support for 0-5 year olds, with the creation of the inclusion fund, to ensure further support is provided for children in early years to enable them to be in the best position before entering primary school.


The need to support and train teachers was discussed, in particular the provision of training programmes for teachers which covered all major disabilities, with particular emphasis on the autistic spectrum and mental health.


It was explained that the intensity of provision provided was dependent on the pressure of need in particular areas in the borough.  However, it was reported that schools saw themselves in isolation and sought a fair distribution of Additional Resource Provisions (ARPs), which was reflected in the strategy’s intention to increase the number of ARP’s in the borough.


The importance of ensuring those schools under pressure have the resources they need was raised and Members suggested that the strategy be linked to the Learning Disability Improvement Standards for NHS Trusts.


Members requested that an update on the SEND action plan and the Therapy Review – Options Appraisal, showing a timescale to the end of October 2018, be provided at the next meeting




That the joint area SEND strategy, encompassing an action plan which addressed SEND improvements and key areas raised by Ofsted / CQC during inspection, be agreed.


CANCER pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Reports and presentations attached.

Additional documents:


The Board received presentations on the topic of cancer, from the following:


·         Overview - Mark Ansell, Director of Public Health

·         Health Champion Programme - Sharon Adkins, Tapestry

·         Cancer Services - Kathryn Kavanagh, Cancer Commissioning

·         Living with Cancer – Lee Simpson, Department for Work and Pensions; and Vicki Bainsfair, YMCA.


Tapestry welcomed the changes in testing for cancer, in particular bowel screening and the positive movements towards cancer diagnosis.  However, the opportunity in making first time contact could be improved. The linkage of cancer with education was raised and although the current focus was on faith groups and GP’s, consideration would be given to providing a link with schools, possibly through the Healthy Schools Programme and enhancing discussion through the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum.  The Local Authority would give consideration to introducing Youth Health Champions in schools, however it was noted that the decision would be determined by affordability.


The YMCA Cancer Referral Scheme operated a 12 week exercise programme which focused on Quality of Life, Active Daily Living, Physical Activity and exercise, and worked closely with Health Champions, Macmillan,

Cancer Nurse specialists and GP’s.  Members discussed the capacity to provide general support to live with cancer.  Individuals who approached the YMCA were asked to complete a risk needs assessment and encouraged to exercise, as evidence had emerged that exercise decreases instances of cancer reoccurrence and this was further being encouraged during Preventative Week.


Department of Work and Pensions viewed cancer as a long term health condition.  Members were provided information on additional funding available to businesses to support in order to assist their employees who had been diagnosed with cancer. Concern was raised that many small businesses would find it financially difficult to hold a position open, however it was a requirement for all businesses, irrespective of their size, to make reasonable adjustments for their employees, and funding was available, although underused.


The Disability Confident scheme, designed to help businesses to recruit and retain disabled people and people with health conditions for their skills and talent, was being promoted.


During discussion, it was highlighted that the BHRUT had achieved a 62 day cancer standard and outcomes were improving.




That the contents of the presentations, be noted.




Wednesday 14 November, 1 pm, Havering Town Hall.


Members requested that the next meeting of the Board be rescheduled.