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Adjudication & Review Committee - Tuesday, 21st February, 2017 7.00 pm

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To approve as correct the minutes of the meeting held on 24 November 2016 and authorise the Chairman to sign them.



The minutes of the meeting held on 24 November 2016 were accepted and signed by the Chairman.



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Officers had provided the Committee with an update on the performance on handling corporate complaints in quarter 3, covering the period October to December 2016.


The Council had received 383 Stage 1 complaints in the quarter with 97% of them being responded to within 15 days. Additionally the Council had received 77 requests for escalation to Stage 2, 71 of these had been dealt with within 20 days.


The results of the audit of cases in quarter 3 had been reported. In some instances where a service had received a relatively small number of complaint, a higher percentage of cases had been audited. Although the data indicated that Communications had only closed 1 out of three complaints within 15 days officers had explained that when they had checked the data the issue was a failure to close cases on the CRM system rather than a failure to close the complaint.


Officers had provided additional details regarding the Adults Social Care case where the Ombudsman had found maladministration, but no injustice. The Committee asked if they could be advised of how many homes the company who were responsible ran in the borough.


The Committee had also questioned the relatively small number of complaints made regarding Leisure Centres and Sports. Officers had explained that the majority of sports and leisure services were provided by an external contractor who would have their own complaints procedure and most complainants would no doubt approach them direct.


The Committee had asked what steps were taken to ensure lessons were learnt from completed complaints. Officers had advised that some areas i.e. housing, planning and environment were very good at applying lessons learnt to the way they dealt with issues to ensure they did not reoccur.


The Committee noted the report.


Quarter 3 - Members' Enquiries pdf icon PDF 139 KB

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The Committee had received a report on the performance of officers responses to Members’ enquiries in quarter 3. During the three month period 97% of members enquiries received a response within time.


For the nine month period to 31 December 2016 2532 enquiries had been lodged and 97% of these had been closed on time. Unsurprisingly the largest volume of enquiries related to Housing – Retained Services, Roads and Pavements and Traffic and Parking Control.


Members were tending to contact officers either via email or phone call.


The Committee questioned why so few enquiries were being received via the on-line forms, as Members indicated that they tended to use this method. Officers explained that this could be down to how the matter was classified, as they believed most on line form enquiries were seen as service requests and were therefore not included in this data. Officers indicated that they would check on the current status of the on line form as it was possible a volume of enquiries was being overlooked.



The Committee had sought further information regarding the members/MP enquiries relating to Learning and Achievement. Officers indicated that they would provide this information.


The Committee noted the report.