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Polling District and Polling Places Review

Meeting: 01/09/2021 - Council (Item 8)


To consider a report of the Governance Committee on the Polling District and Polling Places Review (attached, subject to approval by Governance Committee).

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Report agreed without division.


A report of Governance Committee gave proposals arising from a review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations carried out following a review of Ward boundaries in Havering undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission.


The report was AGREED without division and it was RESOLVED:


·        That Council endorse the changes to the polling places and polling districts as set out in Appendix 5 and 6 of the report.  This is subject to any further Polling Station amendments to be made by the Chief Executive following the issues and concerns raised at Governance Committee by Councillor Goode.

·        Noted that the Parliamentary Boundary Review consultation is currently taking place based on Havering’s existing wards.


For information a summary of the issues raised by Councillor Goode is shown below:


Further to our discussions at Wednesday’s Governance Committee meeting.

May I please refer you to my raised questions that related to the suggested Polling Station review that has been allocated to the residents of Harold Wood who actually live on the North side of the A12. 


As pointed out these residents will be expected to cross the very busy dual carriageway on the A12  to be able to attend the Polling Station that has been allocated for them. As pointed out and for the reasons that I explained this location is unacceptable, and feel that these residents are not being considered fairly. These residents should be allowed to attend the Polling Station at the Mead Primary School, which is the Polling Station, not only closer to their residence, but safer to travel to and one that they have been used to attending in previous elections. 


This matter has already been highlighted by my fellow Ward Councillors and their comments are detailed and included in the report. However, it was agreed at the Governance Committee meeting that this matter would be re-considered for further amendment to be made to the report. 


The suggestion is that for our residents that are impacted by the Boundary changes, will still be able to attend the polling station at the Mead Primary School G53-HU instead of the Methodist Church, in Gubbins Lane HW1-HU

This facility would mean that the Mead Primary School would have to accommodate residents from both the Gooshays Ward and the residents that are impacted from the Harold Wood Ward.


As requested please see below the following roads that are impacted : 

Alverstoke, Barnsley, Camborne Avenue, Camborne Terrace, Camborne Way, Gooshays Drive (Front Part), Harris Close, Holt, Melksham Close, Melksham Drive, Melksham Gardens, Melksham Green, Pearcy Close, St Ives Close, St Neots, Wednesbury, Wednesbury Gardens and Wednesbury Green. 


It was agreed by the Governance Committee that these matters would be looked at again by the Chief Executive, and would be subject to possible further amendments by the Chief Executive.





Meeting: 25/08/2021 - Governance Committee (Item 5.)


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