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Meeting: 31/07/2019 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Sub-Committee (Item 4)

4 PARKS & OPEN SPACES STRATEGY 2020-2025 pdf icon PDF 453 KB

Presentation attached.


Members received a presentation on the 2020-25 Parks and Open Spaces Strategy. 


There was a great collection of parks and open spaces in the borough with varying landscapes, which were rated very highly by residents. By implementing the strategy, the Council would ensure that key park assets were enhanced and continued to make Havering a great place to live and work in. The purpose of the strategy was to ‘provide focus and added value to the efforts of everyone involved in the planning and provision of parks and open spaces, linked to a very clear view of what will be achieved by 2025’. Set against the Havering Plan and the themes and outcomes within that, the Strategy provided a framework for action to continue to provide and manage accessible, safe, clean, attractive, and welcoming parks and open spaces for everyone. Members congratulated the team on their organisation of the Harold Hill event.


During discussion, Members sought clarification on what was and was not public open space and a definition would be circulated; and the impact on the parks enforcement service as part of the enforcement service review.


Members discussed the use of pesticides by the Local Authority and requested details to show minimal use of pesticides in the borough.


Members noted the presentation.