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Update to Phase 4 and Phase 5 School Expansion Programme

Meeting: 18/09/2019 - Cabinet (Item 93)

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1.     Agreed Phase 5 school expansion programmes should continue to be developed based on the following approach in line with the decision on the Commissioning Plan for Education Provision 2019-2023


                                       i.             To have a preference for expanding existing popular and high-performing schools and inclusion of nursery provision and Additional Resource Provisions (ARPs) where appropriate and in areas where there are  no schools with high surplus capacity.

                                      ii.             To consider the expansion of existing schools, but only to a maximum size of 4 FE in the primary phase, ensuring at all times that high standards of education are paramount.

                                     iii.             To consider the delivery of additional primary and secondary places as a result of major regeneration through establishment of new schools.


2.     Agreed that in respect of all proposals set out below that all relevant statutory processes, including planning, should be followed and where the process is the responsibility of an Academy to provide all necessary support. Where consultation is necessary the proposals below are subject to the outcome of such consultation.


3.     Approved Capital Budget of £33.500m to fund Phase 5 of the Schools Expansion Programme from 2020/21 to 2023/24 including:


3.1. Increase in Early Education and Childcare Places including           implementation of :


                                    i.                New 20 place nursery provision at Forest Approach Academy following the outcome of a successful bid for grant of Capital funding from the Department for Education to create new high-quality school-based nursery places, targeted at closing the gap for disadvantaged children.

                                   ii.                A maintained nursery at The R J Mitchell Primary School of 47 places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds from 2021/22

                                  iii.                A 47 place nursery provision on Beam Park School for 2, 3 and 4 year olds from 2021/22

                                 iv.                A 47 place nursery on Bridge Close for 2, 3 and 4 year olds from 2023/24


3.2. Increase in Primary Places including implementation of:

3.2.1.   Establish one-off bulge classes as an interim measure to increase  Primary places in 2020/21

3.2.2.   Permanent Primary Places expansion proposals in the following planning areas where there is clear evidence of a sustained need over the next five years subject to planning and consultation where necessary:


                             i.          Elm Park Planning area: 

·       Expansion of The R J Mitchell Primary School from 2FE to 3FE from 2021/22


                           ii.          Harold Hill Planning area:

·         Expansion of Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory Primary from 2FE to 3FE for 2022/23

·         Expansion of Broadford Primary from 3FE to 4FE for 2023/24 if growth is sustained


                          iii.          Rainham and South Hornchurch Planning area:

·       To agree for LBH to enter into a 125 year peppercorn lease with Emmanuel Community Trust for a site on the Beam Park estate following practical completion of the school build and drawing down the freehold interest of the site.  The new school on Beam Park is due to open on 1 September 2021.


                         iv.          Romford Planning area

·       Agree to seek proposals to establish the Bridge Close School under the Free School presumption process.


                           v.          Upminster and  Cranham Planning area  ...  view the full decision text for item 93


Cabinet noted that the number of early years, primary, secondary and SEND pupils is forecasted to increase beyond the current Phase 4 expansion. Therefore, the commissioning strategy sets out a plan to implement a Phase 5 of the Council’s School Expansion Programme.


Phase 5 proposes for a capital investment of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 93