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Member Induction Programme 2018 and the Member Learning & Development Framework

Meeting: 07/03/2018 - Governance Committee (Item 17)


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Debra Marlow, Principal Democratic Services Officer outlined the report to Governance Committee.  This detailed the proposed Member Induction Programme for 2018 and the Member Learning & Development Framework.


A number of meetings had taken place with the Member Development Group to devise and shape the Induction Programme.  This would ensure that plans were in place to deliver a full and comprehensive series of Information Sessions to new Members following the local elections scheduled for early May.


The Induction Programme will complement the Member Learning and Development Framework which aims to promote learning and development opportunities for all Members which will put Members in a favourable position to develop their own personal plan.


Following the meetings with the Member Development Group, their approval was given to the Programme and Framework and so Governance Committee were asked to note the Programme of Information and training sessions for new and re-elected members to take place during May and June after the elections.


The Induction Programme is attached at Appendix A to the report and the Member Learning & Development Programme at Appendix B.


It had been agreed that a more coordinated approach was needed to ensure new Members had as much information as possible in the first few weeks after the election.  Thereafter, the programme would become more flexible and tailored to the needs of each individual Member.  It was recognised that Councillors needed the freedom to achieve development plan objectives according to their own learning preferences.


The Induction Programme was set out to indicate which sessions were essential for all Members and which were essential for new Members.  It was noted that some Committees required Members to have attended a training session in order to be able to take a seat on the Committee.  These were, Regulatory Services (now to be proposed to Council as, Strategic Planning Committee and Planning Committee), and Licensing Committee.  These were constitutional requirements.  It was also noted that the training for these Committees was also mandatory for substitute Members.


Following discussion, the Governance Committee:


Noted the programme of information and training sessions for the new and re-elected Members following the local elections in May, 2018.