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The 23/24 Council Budget setting report and 2023-2027 Medium Term Financial Strategy

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Cabinet will be asked to set the Council's budget for 2023/24 and agree the level of Council Tax for 2023/24.


·        Agreed the Council Tax requirement for 2023/24 to be set at £149.070m as set out in section 6 and Appendix G of the report (to follow in final version for Full Council);


·        Agreed the Delegated Schools’ draft budget set out in section 5.2 of this report;


·        Agreed a 2.99% increase in core Council Tax for 2023/24 as set out in paragraph 6.9;


·        Agreed an additional 2% Council tax increase for the Adult Social Care Precept;


·        Noted the Medium Term Financial Strategy position as set out in Section 8


·        Agreed the fees and charges schedule as set out in Section 9 and Appendix C


Noted the risks to the 2023/24 budget as set out in Section 12


·        Noted the requirements of S106 of the LGA 1992 Act as set out in Section 1


·        Agreed that tofacilitate theusage ofun-ringfencedresources, theChief Financial Officerin consultationwith ServiceDirectors willreview any such new funds allocated to Havering; make proposals for their use; and obtainapproval bythe Leaderand theCabinet Memberfor Financeand Transformation.


·        Delegated to theChief FinancialOfficer inconsultation withService Directors theauthority tomake anynecessary changesto serviceand the associatedbudgets relatingto anysubsequent specificgrant funding announcementsand toadminister funding,where delaysmay otherwiseadversely impact onservice deliveryand/or budgetary control, subjectto consultation with Cabinet Members asappropriate.

·        Delegated authority tothe CabinetMember forAdult SocialServices and Healthand theLeader toapprove anannual spendplan forthe Public Health grant.


·        Delegated to theDirectors ofChildren’s andAdults authorityto agree inflation rates with social care providers for 2023/24.


·        Noted the Equalities Impact Assessment in respect of the CTS Scheme as set out in Appendix E to this report.


·        Noted the summaryversion ofthe CouncilTax SupportScheme for 2023/24as setout inAppendix Fto thisreport (unchangedfrom 2022/23).



Agreed theCouncil Taxrequirement for2023/24 tobe setat £149.070m as set out in section 6 and Appendix G of the report;


·        The Delegated Schools’ draft budget set out in section 5.9 of this report;


·        A 2.99% increase in core Council Taxfor 2022/23 as set out in paragraph 6.8;


·        An additional 2% Adult Social Care Precept ;


·        That it passa resolutionas setout insection 14of thisreport toenable Council Tax discounts for early payment to be given at the 2022/23 level of 1.5%.


·        Recommend to FullCouncil thatthe CouncilTax SupportScheme for 2023/24is adoptedas setout inSection 15of thisreport (unchangedfrom 2022/23).


·        To note and approve anestimated £0.292mof the£0.364m Council Tax Supportfund 2023provisional allocationto beused tocredit £25to an expected11,690 CouncilTax payersin receiptof CouncilTax Support during2023/24.


·        To allocate theremaining CouncilTax Supportfunding estimatedat

£0.072m to the Council Tax Discretionary Reduction policy.


·        Delegate to theChief FinancialOfficer thepower toaccept onbehalf of theCouncil allgrant fundingallocated tothe Councilby externalbodies, including centralgovernment (butprovided thatany newapplication for grantfunding shallbe inaccordance withthe Council’sscheme of delegations).


Report author: Richard Tyler

Publication date: 09/02/2023

Date of decision: 08/02/2023

Decided at meeting: 08/02/2023 - Cabinet

Effective from: 16/02/2023

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