Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
RAINHAM AND BEAM PARK HOUSING ZONE - A1306 BEAM PARKWAY13/11/2017For DeterminationNot before 30/11/2017
Financial Inclusion Strategy09/11/2017For Determination07/02/2018
Publication of the London Borough of Havering's Air Quality Action Plan 2018-2023 subject to consultation09/11/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Award of Contract for the Provision of Care and Support Services in Extra Schemes09/11/2017For DeterminationNot before 18/12/2017
Regeneration Programme - Governance and Overall Implications09/11/2017For Determination17/01/2018
The London Borough of Havering on behalf of the London Libraries Consortium seeks approval to extend the Axiell Ltd contract for a period twelve months.09/11/2017For DeterminationNot before 07/12/2017
Proposed Land Purchase Option to be granted to Mercury Land Holdings26/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 23/11/2017
Insurance Contract Extension26/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 23/11/2017
Mercury Land Holdings North Street (Hornchurch) Business Case26/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 23/11/2017
Implementation of Phase 4 expansion programme - Mead Primary School expansion20/10/2017UrgentFor Determination23/11/2017
Extension of Existing Domestic and Commercial for S&F Services Limited05/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Extension of Existing Domestic and Commercial for Quality Heating Services Limited05/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Broadford Primary School. Construction of new building to accommodate the expansion of the school from 2FE to 4FE as a phased programme.05/10/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Update on the Sport & Leisure Management Ltd (SLM) Contract and Financial Implications.25/09/2017For Determination15/11/2017
Outcome of Consultation on the Draft Adult Social Care & Support Planning Policy for Approval07/09/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan update07/09/2017For Determination15/11/2017
The award of a concession contract to a supplier to deliver a town centre Wi - Fi Network in Havering07/09/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Children's Direct Payment policy and Personal budget policy07/09/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Romford Business Improvement District Proposal07/09/2017For Determination17/01/2018
Social Cohesion Strategy 2017 - 202107/09/2017For Determination17/01/2018
Developing the Local Voluntary and Community Sector07/09/2017For Determination17/01/2018
Update on the Council's MTFS and Budget for 2018/1905/09/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Mead Primary School. Expansion of Infants School (KS1) by One Form of Entry, expansion of Nursery and reclassification of Additional Resource Provision03/08/2017For DeterminationNot before 22/11/2017
Briar Road Tender Award Update06/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
2017/2018 Beehive Court Award of Contract Phase 205/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Joint Commissioning Strategy05/07/2017For Determination13/12/2017
James Oglethorpe School - Authority to award a negotiated contract for the construction of new nursery and further internal refurbishments to existing school to complete the expansion to two forms of entry.05/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Dame Tipping School - Proposed demolition and removal of two dilapidated classrooms and replacement in modular construction05/07/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Mercury Land Holding Business Plan Update07/06/2017For Determination15/11/2017
Rainham Village Primary School - contract for school expansion.11/05/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Selection and Appointment of a Joint Venture Partner to Deliver the London Borough of Havering's Estate Regeneration Programme04/05/2017For Determination17/01/2018
Disposal of Land at Hilldene North, Harold Hill05/04/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Construction of two storey extension and infill classrooms to roof at Hylands Primary School20/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Construction of new nursery at Towers Infant School20/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Two classroom extension and staffroom infill to Whybridge Infants School20/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Development of land at Hilldene North, Harold Hill15/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017
Social Care Case Management System Procurement06/03/2017For Determination15/11/2017
Bridge Close - Business Plan and Joint Venture Partnership Agreement06/03/2017For Determination15/11/2017
Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone - Appointment of a Joint Venture Development Partner.22/02/2017For Determination13/12/2017
White Hart Lane Development19/09/2016For DeterminationNot before 16/11/2017