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The Sub-Committee received a report that provided an update on the provisional outcomes of the 2018 statutory assessments within the secondary and post-16 sector; and headline figures for attainment and progress at GCSE and Attainment at A-Level.


In attendance was Mr Stuart McLaughlin (Head Teacher Bower Park Academy) in his capacity as Chair of the Havering Learning Partnership (HLP).


The Sub-Committee noted that attainment standards in Key Stage 4 in Havering were in line with national performance.  The average attainment 8 score in 2018 was 46.8, compared to 46.5 nationally.  The outcomes in Havering had fluctuated over the last few years due to ongoing changes in exams and methodology calculations and had not improved as rapidly nationally or swiftly as other London boroughs.


The report outlined that in the Key Stage 4 (GCSEs) English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) exams. Havering students performed well in terms of entry resulting in Havering being placed in the top quintile nationally.  Mr McLaughlin commented that there had been an approximate 50% uptake in Ebacc following the extensive working arrangement between schools.


The Sub-Committee noted the following:


·         Key Stage 4 attainment achieving a standard pass in English and mathematics - Havering’s performance had slowly steadily improved.


·         Key Stage 4 Progress –. Havering had performed just below national in the middle quintile, and marginally above its statistical neighbours.


·         Key Stage 5 Attainment – Attainment had not improved as rapidly as elsewhere nationally, or as swiftly as other London boroughs. Nevertheless, Havering had outperformed its statistical neighbours.


·         Key Stage 5 Attainment excluding FE colleges – Attainment had not improved as rapidly as elsewhere nationally or as swiftly as other London boroughs but outperformed its statistical neighbours.


The Sub-Committee noted that the Local Authority had worked closely with the Havering Learning Partnership to deliver a joint improvement strategy and action plan.  The HLP and Local Authority had jointly funded specific improvement activity to target areas in need of improvement, which had started to produce results.


The following action plans were outlined:


1.    Working to identify students who should be in alternative provision.

2.    Part of the strategy for the last school year was to make science a key focus area and make provision for adequate support.

3.    The establishment of a subject network.

4.    The appointment of a Maths subject lead with the aim to get borough schools focused on improvement.

5.    Working with external consultant (two days a week) to identify improvement areas and development of a strategy.

6.    Working with primary schools to provide support for pupils transferring to secondary in the following year.


The Sub-Committee was informed that the plan for the current academic year included plans to establish a curriculum group and a coordinated approach to recruitment of secondary school teachers.


In response to an enquiry on support for Special Educational Needs and Disability from the HLP, the Sub-Committee was informed that that the Partnership worked closely with the Local Authority to support all Young People in Havering.


The Chairman thanked Mr Stuart McLaughlin for his attendance.  

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