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Annual Corporate Performance Report (2017/18) - Quarter 4




  1. REVIEWED the performance set out in Appendix 1 of the report and the corrective action that is being taken.


  1. NOTED the content of the Demand Pressures Dashboard attached as Appendix 2 of the report.



Councillor Roger Ramsey, Cabinet Member for Finance and Property detailed the Annual Corporate Performance to Cabinet.  The Annual Summary of Corporate Performance Indicators (PIs) and Perception/Engagement Indicators was set out in the report demonstrating that of those PIs classified as either on track or off track 28 (68%) of the CPIs had a green, on track status and 14 (33%) had a red, off track status.  This represented a slight improvement in performance compared with the position at the end of Q3, 2017/18.


6 (75%) of the reported perception/engagement indicators had a green, on track status and 2 (25%) had a red, off track status.  In respect of these indicators there is a slight decline in performance against Q3 2017/18.


Current levels of performance had to be interpreted in the context of increased demand on services across the Authority.  This is demonstrated in Appendix 2 of the report which sets out the Demand Pressure Dashboard indicating the demands on Council services and the context of performance levels.


The report detail of performance is split across the four Havering Priorities with both highlights and improvements required set out throughout.


Communities Making Havering had seen a mixed performance with 56% of indicators rated green, on track.  There was an improvement in the proportion of people aged 65 or more who were still at home 91 days after discharge from hospital.  This is significant given the demographic of the Borough.  In addition the number of Looked After Children who cease to be looked after following permanency (adoption/ Special Guardianship Order) was above target for 2017/18 and significantly higher than the previous year.  In 2017/18, 31 children ceased to be looked after in these circumstances.

The number of volunteers supporting Council services had also improved, had been exceeded by the end of Q2 and continued to improve thereafter. There was also a significant reduction of permanent admissions to nursing care which in number terms shows that 81 fewer admissions had been made.


Improvements are required in the number of care leavers in education, employment or training which remains below target.  This is against a deliberately stretching local target.  However, it was noted that Havering performs well in this area against the national average and other London Boroughs.  The impact of the Cocoon facility is starting to bear fruit.


Connections Making Havering- this theme of the Corporate Plan has seen strong performance with 67% of indicators rated green and on track.  There has been a reduction in avoidable customer contact meaning that the outturn for that indicator was considerable better than target.  This means fewer customers are seeking clarification in correspondence and applications.


The design stage for Beam Park Station has now been completed and circulated to stakeholders and is progressing.  Improvements are needed in the works at Harold Wood Station where the improvement works have slipped. This is outside the direct control of the Council and it has been agreed with TfL that the funding will be carried over to facilitate the full spend and complete delivery of the works.


Opportunities Making Havering- progress for this theme of the Corporate Plan has been positive.  There had been an exception number of investment enquiries to the Borough resulting in new business or expansion which was well above target at 96 against 50.

The numbers of learners at risk of being NEET (not in education, employment or training was well below target (where lower is better).

The Planning application for Hornchurch Sports Centre has now been approved.  The new Sapphire Ice and Leisure Centre opened in February, 2018 and was a great success in the opening month welcoming over 60,000 visits.


Improvements required were highlighted and include the requirement for improvement in approved planning applications providing at least 100 sq ft of new or extended commercial floor space.  This was well below target at 12 against a target of 75.  It was noted that this is a new PI and trends will continue to be monitored.  In addition the number of businesses expressing interest in relocating to the Borough, with a turnover of £10 million plus or international recognition was well below target.  The Economic Development Strategy and Master Planning for Romford Town Centre will seek to address this.


The final priority, Places Making Havering showed a very strong performance for Q4 with 90% of indicators being green, on track.  There has been a reduction in non-domestic violence and Anti-Social Behaviour offences.

The Local plan has now been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and advice regarding Examination is awaited.

In addition, the proportion of Council homes meeting the decent homes standard has increased during Q4 correlating with the completion of the Capital Investment Programme for the Year.

However, improvements highlighted include work on the number of burglary offences committed.  The number remains above target and is higher than last year. Residential burglary has increased by 37%. It is hoped that operation “Mexico” will have an impact.  There will be a detailed report in respect of this going to the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Sub Committee in the near future.




  1. REVIEWED the performance set out in Appendix 1 of the report and the corrective action that is being taken.


  1. NOTED the content of the Demand Pressures Dashboard attached as Appendix 2 of the report.


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