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Publication and Adoption of the London Borough of Havering's Air Quality Action Plan




Cabinet APPROVED and adopted the final Air Quality Action Plan as detailed in Appendix 1 of the report.



Councillor Viddy Persaud, Cabinet member for Public Protection and Safety, presented the Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) report to Cabinet.  This detailed the final Air Quality Action Plan for Havering, 2018-2023.


The Cabinet Member stated that the key pollutants that need to be reduced are Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate Matter which are primarily produced by road traffic in highly congested areas.  Greater London is currently failing to meet the required standards for these pollutants and compliance is not expected until 2025.


The AQAP is a key Council document that sets out what the Council is going to do to improve local air quality.  The Action Plan will ensure that:


·       There is focus on the worst hotspots in the Borough, i.e. Roneo Corner, Romford Ring Road.

·       Havering continues to be a greener Borough

·       There is focus on ensuring regional pollution sources which will include a reduction in polluting buses

·       Havering Council leads by example exploring the use of our parks and public spaces as alternative safe routes for walking and cycling

·       Strategic ambitions for better transport links across the Borough including lobbying to improve the North to South connectivity; and

·       Empower residents to take action and protect themselves on high pollution days.


A ten week consultation had been held following Cabinet’s approval to the AQAP in December, 2017.  94 responses were received.  84 of these were from members of the public showing a strong awareness of air pollution within the local community.


The GLA who must approve the AQAP also submitted comments which have been incorporated into the final AQAP.  The majority of these were minor.


The actions set out within the AQAP are grouped into four action policies:


1.     Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling

2.     Public Health and Awareness Raising to encourage Smarter Travel

3.     Reducing Emissions from Buildings and Developments; and

4.     Reducing Emissions from Transport


Cllr V Persaud recommended the AQAP to Cabinet.




APPROVED and adopted the final Air Quality Action Plan as detailed in Appendix 1 of the report.


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