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Meeting: 17/07/2018 - Environment Overview & Scrutiny Sub-Committee (Item 2)


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The Sub-Committee considered the Corporate Performance Report for Quarter 4. 


The report identified where the Council was performing well (Green rating) and not so well (Red rating). It was explained that there were no current direct financial implications arising from the report, but it should be noted that the waste tonnage performance indicator had potential future financial implications in that, as costs continue to rise year on year, without controls to restrict waste volumes, campaigning on its own would not be enough to mitigate the potential £10m rise in costs by 2017. The plans to address this would be raised through the appropriate channels as necessary. 


There were two Performance Indicators that had been requested to be monitored by the Sub-Committee for 2017/18.  These indicators were:


·        The level of waste per head of population presented to East London Waste Authority (ELWA).  The indicator was currently rated Green’

·        Average number of days taken to investigate and remove fly-tips.  The indicator was currently rated Green. 


  It was explained that the number of reported fly tipping incidents were reported quarterly to DEFRA by type and size and it was estimated that the cost to Havering to clear reported fly-tips was at least £224,000 per annum rising to approximately £1m if you included un-reported fly-tips.


Members were advised that the in-cab technology allowed for photographic imaging and recording of size of waste and geographical map locating.


Back office staff were able to view live, real time information which would allow monitoring of crews’ progress and better management of resources.


Members sought an update on Gerpins Lane and were advised that the road had been closed with a barrier.  Unfortunately, the barrier had been broken by individual(s) whom were determined to access the road and whom had disregarded the road closure. The barrier had been replaced shortly after the incident.


Waste tonnages remained a high financial risk for the Council.  Members discussed the challenges of limiting black bags and the risk that this might lead to an increase in fly-tipping.


Members discussed the various activities taking place to encourage waste prevention and reuse, which included Love Food Hate Waste, Food Waste Challenge and Composting Workshops. 


It was agreed that an update on fly-tipping be given at a future meeting of the Sub-Committee.


The Sub-Committee noted the contents of the report and presentation.